Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break In Good old Idaho

This Spring break was kinda uneventful. I didn't get to go on any vacations like some other kids...lucky dogs. I did however receive my permit and practiced in my dad's 1990 Ford Standard Truck. It was hard shifting, dealing with the clutch, gas, and brake all while watching the road and other cars!!! Hahaha! So my father and I got out in the middle of no where and he brought his metal detector to find buried treasure. I on the other hand explored and found a skull and part of a spine to what I believe is an elk or horse. Then I took a nap in the sun it was very relaxing. My Father let me drive back home on Highway 44 and then on to the Freeway!!!! That was thrilling and scary all wrapped in one!! Other then driving I just stayed home and cleaned and vegged and slept!!!